The Well Travel Suite Corporate Booking Tool

With travel tech advancements racing ahead and a myriad of online booking sites to choose from, many organisations feel that straight forward point-to-point travel bookings can be managed by their employees directly. It is important to note however that there can be enormous consequences if a booking goes wrong due to the mistakes of an employee inexperienced in making travel bookings.

XL Traveleaders offers a solution to this problem with its partnership with corporate booking tool – The Well Travel Suite. This state-of-the art tool allows companies to hand over straight forward bookings to their employees, to reduce corporate travel booking service fees, while also maintaining a company’s travel spend in one centralised place enabling them to maximise rate negotiations through accurate tracking of a total travel booking volumes. At the same time the company’s travel bookings are overseen by a designated and experienced XL Traveleaders consultant who can step in at any moment to handle a booking crisis or take over complicated transactions such as ticket refunds and revalidations.

The Well Travel Suite currently offers an Agent Booking Platform with aggregated GDS offerings to allow XL Traveleaders to quote their clients the best possible rate available at the time. The system also enables detailed account reporting and smoothly integrates the booking process with invoice and voucher generation.

Company travellers are empowered to manage straight forward bookings themselves through the Customer Portal which provides an easy-to-use search and booking tool for flights, accommodation, car rental, transfers and tours. Corporate rates can also be loaded with travellers directed to channel bookings through preferred travel suppliers in order to maximise preferred rate negotiation. An approval process can also be built into the booking platform allowing managers to instantly approve or decline bookings with the touch of a button.

The system’s Customer Profile section ensures that profile information is accurately captured and consistently reflects on all components of a travellers booking without the need to fill out tedious manual forms for every trip booked. The system is also fully PCIDSS compliant and securely encrypts all personal information gathered.

The Duty of Care initiative also enables agents to pull customer traveller location reports and to instantly track down where travellers are in the world at any time. This allows companies to know that in the event of an emergency travellers will be kept safe, connected and well-informed.